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PVK Custom Justin Lundquist Abrams Pry - Anodized Titanium Kyptek
PVK Custom Justin Lundquist Abrams Pry - Anodized Titanium Kyptek

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As Justin aptly puts it, this Abrams Pry exists "because a knife isn't a pry." From the workshop of Justin Lundquist comes the fully custom Justin Lundquist Abrams Pry which serves as the perfect complement to your everyday knife.

Precision CNC-machined from solid titanium, the ultra-robust Abrams Pry is your go-to for all things rough and tumble. From prying open containers to marking measurements, scoring lines, or digging into heavier material – everything and anything is fair game.

In addition, it incorporates a bottle-opener to pop open a cold one after you get the job done. Most importantly, the Abrams Pry handles everything that you don’t want to subject your finely-honed and razor-sharp knife to. Not only because your knife is a highly specialized cutting instrument, but also it's dangerous to subject your knife to tasks it's never designed to execute.

Precision CNC-machined from solid titanium
Fit for all heavy-duty tasks
Pry bar with an incorporated bottle-opener
Comes with lanyard hole attachment
0.88" wide on the narrow end (2.2352 cm)
1.00" wide on the wide end (2.54 cm)
3.76" long x 0.185" thick (9.5504 cm x 0.4699 cm)
Made in the USA