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Manker Timeback II 2200 Lumen Titanium Stonewash Finish Spinner Flashlight
Manker Timeback II 2200 Lumen Titanium Stonewash Finish Spinner Flashlight


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Item#: ML-TB2BTSW12


Made from Titanium, which is Stonewash Finished with Copper accent this C&C Machined Custom Finished Tactical Light is the first of its kind with a spinner ring built right into the body of the light.

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Reference of Spinner Action, Example Model Shown, May not match actual product.

Special edition with a direct-driver FET, so it has the brightest turbo mode you can get.
- special-edition with a regulated lower-power second channel for stabe and efficient low modes.
- True moonlight mode.
- Up to 2200 lumens from four CREE XPG3 emitter in a small tube light. Closer to 1600 lumens with no modes and lower-AMP batteries.
- User-toggle-able mode memory.
- User-toggle-able mode groups.
- Well-spaced visually-linear output modes.
- Includs some hidden modes for those who want them.
- Battery check mode!
- Clicky-switch stock light with botth forward and backward mode navigation in a single tap (short / medium press).
- With mode memory off, the user can access 4 different modes (includeding the highest and lowest) within 1 second.
- Fast PWM so the pulsing won't be visible.
- The firmware and the driver designs are available for anyone who wants to modify them.
Emiter type: 4x CREE XPG3 LED
Circuit Driver: A17DD-L FET + 1 Driver
Light Tint: 6500K
Material: Titanium Alloy & Copper
Group 1: Moonlight - Low - Med1 - Med 2 - High1 - High2 - Turbo (Short press <0.5s)
Group 2: Low, Med, High, Turbo (Short press <0.5s) + Moonlight - Turbo - TACTICAL Strobe - Battcheck - Bike Flasher (Medium press 0.5s - 1.5s)
Battery configuration: 1x 18350 / 16340 battery
Switch type: clicky
Switch location: tail of the flashlight
Impact resistant: 1 meter
Maximum 2200 lumens output
Working voltage: 2.8 - 4.5v
Lens: Tir
Waterproof standard: IPX-8, 2 meters
Weight: 5.5oz (without battery)
Size: 3.7" x 1.5"