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MNI Ballistic 3 Shot Dart Gun
MNI Ballistic 3 Shot Dart Gun

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Item#: MNI-BDG

The MNI Ballistic Dart Gun is back!

The Mall Ninja Industries Dart Gun is a fully functional reproduction of a covert tool produced in the 70s for field agents. To fire the darts you remove the top cover and pull down the protective collar. Press each button to unleash the ballistic dart above it. To reload this device back the darts in and put most of your bodyweight on the rear of the device until they lock into place. Also includes 3 extra darts. Accurate and strong enough to break glass, stick in wood or kill air born drones.
Measures: 5.5" X 1.6" X 1"
Construction: Stainless Steel w/ ABS Fittings
Weight Unit Loaded w/ Cap On: 3.7 oz
Weight Per Stainless Steel Bolt: .2 oz