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John Gray Custode GrayTanium Clip Point
John Gray Custode GrayTanium Clip Point


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John Gray enjoys taking ordinary materials and making them extraordinary, GrayTanium is a great example of that. Specially heat treated, coated and tempered this steel is designed for the clandestine application. Producing zero magnetic signature while being virtually weightless and extremely hard, these pint sized fixed blades are produced for hard use and designed to be concealed.

John Gray makes knives with his hands much in the way knives used to be made without the use of large programmable mills. His knives reflect this style of clean form with overbuilt dynamics and straight forward use in mind. Johns knives are more than just the whole of their parts, the execution and combination of finishes set his work a far distance from modern CNC work.

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Overall Length: 7"
Blade Length: 3"
Blade Material: GrayTanium 15V
Blade Thickness: .1"
Handle Material: Blk Cord Wrapped
Weight: 3.2oz w/ sheath