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Blackside Buckle PVK Custom
Blackside BUCK PVK Custom

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Item#: BC4

Unique PVK laser art version of the stainless steel blackside buckle. Every edge hit very unique!

Using Microtech hardware under licence and proudly built in USA, The BLACKSIDE Buckle is a patented modular buckle system by HANK GREENBERG, who was inspired to build these tactical trouser tie downs after searching for a mid-tech low profile buckle to upgrade his favorite belt with - but alas there was none to be found. After lots of R&D he would arrive at the design offered today which you will find easy to upgrade your favorite belt with and very good looking. You can even add the hand cuff key which is the first accessory built for the system. More to come! Measure your belt first please - these will fit any belt that is 1.5" or less in width. Also includes medium triangle drive for adjustment.
Alloy Weight 1.5 oz
Stainless / Copper / Brass 3 oz +/-