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BURN Knives Italian D/A OTF Green Mamba


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XL sized BURN Italian Style dual action OTF with stainless steel chassis, Green Juma Snakeskin Inlays and a Mirror Polished hand ground Bayonet blade with bloodwells on both sides and the top.

Most people will never know what it's like to fire out an OTF with five inch blade that locks into a stainless steel handle. Due to cost, time and complexity most everything built and offered here is the tried and true T6 alloy used in the airliner wings for both frame and skin. The use of stainless especially for an OTFs chassis means 5 to 10 times the machine time with it's higher rockwell and denser structure. The effort however pays off... Using steel means you have the hardness for a brushed satin finish but more importantly the tapped threaded screw shafts are 10 times stronger for maximum structural integrity. Stainless steel also has a much nicer heft to it - what was a featherweight pocket fighter is now a welterweight champ in terms of momentum. And the best part...

The many simultaneous and precision metal clicks that follow the initial blade triggering are an amazing steel symphony like no other. The final note in the opening or closing resonates loud and sharp at a low bass tone enough to turn every head in a room - this all only possible with a stainless chassis. The closest you can get to the latter would be pick up a colt 1911 and pull the slide back loading a bullet into the chamber.

Also includes certificate from Burn.
Length Open: 11"
Blade Length: 4.8"
Blade Thickness: .16"
Blade Material: 154CM
Handle Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Weight: 11.7 oz.