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AGA Campolin ZERO Orange T6 Handle Polished Silver Bayonet Blade
AGA Campolin ZERO Orange T6 Handle Silver Bayonet Blade Polished HWn ZERO G10

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Item#: AGA01ALO-LB

AGA Campolin ZERO Orange Anodized T6 Alloy Handle Polished Silver Bayonet Blade with Polished Hardware.

If you ever collected, held or just even shopped for lever release autos like the Mikovs or Hubertus this new design from A.G.A. Campolin will completely blow you away! The fit is immaculate and it does everything it's supposed to. Half of the Hubertus knives you handle will not flip their lock over to the safe position - all of these do every time! While that is quite pleasing nothing will prepare you for the walk around on this Campolin build. Perfect seams, perfect finishes on all the little parts that make up the knife and an impossible tight ZERO PLAY lockout. Imagine if the Beltrame family went into the Ferrari plant and threw out all the cars then the engineers started to build the knives, but not before they kidnapped some guy who works at Mikov and jacked the super excellent and easily removed dual leaf springs design that has driven that brands auto design to the top of the European auto knife market.

The springs pop right out with any slim tool in just 2 seconds and pop right back in 3.5 seconds. These springs throw these blades at ludicrous speed like no coil can. The severe kick from a leaf spring is something you have to experience if you haven't already.

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Overall Length: 8.63"
Blade Length: 3.75"
Blade Material: N690Co Bohler-Uddeholm
Blade Thickness: 0.11"
Handle Material: T6
Weight: 5.8 oz
Closed Length: 5.87"
Blade Style: Bayonet False Edged Top
Country of Origin: Italy