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6X Brass Banded Small Wheel Spinner
6X Brass Banded Small Wheel Spinner


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Item#: SPINBS1

Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Set! Nothing spins better than a wheel - that's a no brainer of course but when it comes to spinners by the numbers (go try out 40 different ones) wheels beat every other design type 9 out of 10 times (quads are only slightly behind) for in hand feel of the spin. And that's what makes a great spinner - the feel of the spin where give it a good wind up and you can tell by the momentum how long it will spin for. Wheels have 6 screwed in bars and most will have the weighs pushed out to the ends so you can hold em and flick em easy with one hand getting your finger right in there. The gravity / gyro effect of this design is also always the most pleasing. You can immediately feel the fight when you twist it and it pulls against your wrist. Very cool! You can also unscrew all the bars on wheel spinners. Want to see how it feels with 4 or 3 or 2 bars equally spaced? Not as good - but still works great. You can even take em all off or add your own stuff. These stainless bodies are tapped with nice threads so don't be shy. Just remember to keep em tight - check em from time to time or you feel some wobble from just one thread being off on one bar.

This classy Brass Spinner with it's bands that light trace in a circle will delight anyone who spins it and is (not) guaranteed to quickly convert anyone who doesn't believe that a spinner will cure just about any ailment imaginable. It is our most popular design and #1 seller.

2.4" X .4" 2.55 Ounces

For comparison the large on the right and small on the left.