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Jake Hoback Knives *All Models*
Build to last and over the counter exchange guaranteed for life - Hoback Knives has an unmatched guarantee for quality of workmanship included with every knife built. Additionally these knives include wrench sets for each fastener just in case you want to tune or clean your Hoback knife.

The centerpiece of the Hoback design gallery is the Carbon Fiber top Kwaiback. This is the "bomb proof" lightweight (4.6oz 9" open 3.75" blade .1875" thick with custom CPM-Cru-Wear Steel) Mission Ready lightweight ECD you have been looking for. Smooth as silk the Kwaiback all feature Pivot Thrust bearings and Cold Formed Bearing Races with the Hoback Roller Detent - holds the knife closed and just enough for the best flipper pop you can get.

F23 Knife Maintenance Kit

Included with each OSF and Kwaiback

Alphahunter Black Stallion WarHorse