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Microtech Ultratech Boba Fett (Bounty Hunter)
Microtech Ultratech Boba Fett

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Microtech Ultrateach Limited Edition Boba Fett model features fully serrated tanto blade with apocalyptic finish and black blood groove. The T6 handles are finished in distressed light green anodize and the body hardware is ringed with a dark red finish. Finally the pocket clip is marked with the usual logos and banded in yellow with boba fett's logo.

The Ultratech model 123-1BH Bounty Hunter is the 5th and final custom ultratech to be built by Microtech in this movie knife series. This knife stands as the most unique and complex in process production level Ultratech built to date by the North Carolina maker.

All of the prior knives in this movie knife series had been patterned after groups of characters appearing the films such as the Sith or Jedi. These knives had more of a generalized look to them that relied on light saber blade colors with a logo or averaged overall color appearances of costumes in he case of the Sith Lord (SL) and Storm Trooper (ST) models.

The Bounty Hunter however would be modeled after one character known for his specific look in all the movies. He was a a hired gun for the empire who would also be tapped by the Jedi for a genetic contribution to the clone army. Boba Fett's
look in all the movies was static so the designers at Microtech able to make it extremely close in overall appearance to the armor that this awesome character routinely appeared in. The handle, body screws and clip colors were matched to the armor colors. The pattern look of the breast plate was adapted to the handles. The logo associated with this bounty hunter was added to the clip. But it didn't look like like the real movie character until two final process steps were added to the knifes production. After the handles were anodized in the specific faded neon green color chosen they were assembled with temporary screws and then briefly stonewash tumbled to effect the 1st process step of the battle worn look of Boba Fett's signature armor. After this they were cleaned and dried and moved to the the next step where they were scratched front and back using some secret process (likely some carefully placed sand on a wood surface) in a pattern that was about the same on every knife. The handles were then polished up just a bit on a buffer to fade in the abrasions then taken apart and set up for final assembly.

The final aspect of the Bounty Hunter model was the blade choice. This was kept secret until the very last moment when the first 200 knives were released at the 2016 blade show in Atlanta. Collectors lined up with excitement to get these knives! And they were gone in minutes. Everyone had suspected a tanto blade would be be chosen for the 5th and final blade but no one could have imagined it would be a fully serrated one. Anthony Marfione's answer could have been "I am just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe." But it wasn't at all. He said: "Because that's what Boba Fett would carry."
Overall Length: 8.35"
Blade Length: 3.45"
Blade Material: ELMAX
Blade Thickness: .13"
Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum
Weight: 3.6oz
Closed Length: 5.1"
Knife Category: Automatic
Action: Dual Action Automatic (D/A)

Country of Origin: USA